Sewing Challenge

Well I have gone and done it. I have entered my name to Join the Challenge — Sew Your Own Wardrobe For a Year. Today was the last day to join in the challenge. This first time of heard about it I got really excited. Then the fear set in. What really pushed me to final jump in was my visit to the mall this past weekend. I was looking for a Spring Jacket and couldn’t find any. So I found a sales person, and what they told me was that they didn’t get any in. So I replied, “Don’t they know we live in Michigan; where we actually have 4 Seasons and sometimes all at once. I just happen to have a 20% off coupon for this particular store. Of course I couldn’t find anything worth spending my money on, not even at a discount. I left the store frustrated and empty-handed. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. This challenge is the perfect opportunity to use my sewing machine for more than just mending. This week will be spent organizing my pattern/fabric stash for my new Spring/Summer wardrobe.

3 thoughts on “Sewing Challenge

  1. Hi Ms. Diva, the joy of you walking out is that you could make your own!!! Imagine those who live in your area who has to purchase their garments online only to get them home with the sleeves too short or the color is wrong. 🙂 I am exited to see what you come up with in our challenge this year.


  2. Nice to see another lady from the D joining the challenge! Trips to the mall used to end in frustration for me. Now I see them as starting points on which I let my creativity fly. Welcome aboard. I look forward to seeing your creations!

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