Sewing Marathon

This past week myself and thousands of other descended on Dallas this past week to attend “Seminar” or to to lay people Mary Kay Conference. This year we celebrate the company’s 50th year. Of course I knew about this trip months ago, as usual I let the time slip away from me. The weekend before my departure I was able to complete 2 dress that were acceptable or my trip. Two didn’t make the cut; and 2 outfits I just didn’t get to at all.

I completed Butterick 5455 which was easy to sew even with the lining. I decided to hind stitch the zipper.

The second dress was Vogue DKNY 1351. This dress took a little longer. This dress also had a lining and involved some hand sewing. I originally inserted the side zipper, but later decided to omit it. I machine stitched the shoulders rather than doing a slip stitch which isn’t me strongest skill when it comes to shoulder seams.





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